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Feb 05,2022

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Why Text or email are not sending? - Error Messages

Errors are common and yet so annoying. We put together a list of possible errors you may be experiencing.

SMS Error Messages

Error Code 30004

If Status says "Undelivered" possible errors include

  • The phone number is listed on a "Do Not Disturb" or "Do Not Call" list that blocks SMS from unknown senders.
  • The user is not able to receive your SMS due to specific configuration or limitations of their mobile phone service plan
  • The receiving carrier has blocked the message for violating their rules or policies.
  • The phone number is a Landline number

If the Status says "Failed"

  • The message has been flagged as spam and Twilio is blocking the message from being delivered.


Error Code 30005

The number you are texting is no longer in service.


If you have an email for the contact please reach out to them and have them update their phone number.

Error Code 30006

Landline or unreachable carrier. This number is unable to receive text messages.


This contact must be communicated with by call. If you would still like to text them, please have them provide a cell phone number. Please then place their cell phone number as their main number within your Agent CRM system.