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Feb 05,2022

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Trigger Links

A trigger link can be put in emails or texts and it allows you to track specific customer actions.

i.e. I want to track the contacts who go to my website.

Option 1

Create a Trigger Link

  • Go to Email Marketing (left hand menu)
  • Go to Trigger Links (near the top)
  • Click "Add Link"
  • In the link URL field, put the website or URL that you want to track
  • Give it a name (for you only)

Option 2

Under "What should trigger this rule?", select "Trigger link clicked"

Select "Add filter" and select "Trigger Link". Then choose the name of the Trigger link you just created.

Under "What action should we perform?", select any action that you want to take place after the trigger link is clicked. You can add a tag to the contact and call it "trigger link clicked", you can add them to a pipeline, you can add them to an email campaign that says, "thanks for" There are many different actions you can complete here.

Option 3

Add the trigger link to an email or SMS

  • Go to Automations (left hand side)
  • Go to Campaigns (near the top)
  • Click 'Create Campaign' or select a campaign that you already created.
  • Add Event (Email of SMS)
  • Inside the Email template, highlight the text that you want to activate the trigger link
  • Select the link button (see screenshot below)
  • Under "Link list", select the Trigger link name
  • Inside the SMS template, simply select "trigger link" and choose your specific trigger link from the drop-down. You don't need to highlight any text for this one. The trigger link code will appear (only for you) below your message (see screenshot below)