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Feb 05,2022

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Power Dialer Set up

A Power dialer campaign in Saasflow CRM gives you the ability to put calls in a queue. Once they're queued up, you can simply hit 'let's start' and the system will beginning dialing through the list of contacts you want to call.

This can save you so much time!

To set up your power dialer campaign...

Step 1: Go to Automations

Step 2: Select "Workflows" at the top

Step 3: Select "Add new workflow"

Step 4: Click "start from scratch" and ' create new workflow

Step 5: Add the event "Manual Call"

Step 6: Select "draft" and switch it to "publish" (this will make the workflow active)

After that, your Power dialer campaign is all set up! The last step is to add contacts to it so you can begin calling them.

To add contacts to your power dialer...

Step 1: Go to your Contacts tab.

Step 2: Select the contacts you want to add (each contact has a checkbox next to the name, or you can select the checkbox at the top to select all of the contacts on each page at once)

Step 3: Select the robot icon near the top that says, "Add to Campaign/Workflow"

Step 4: Select the title of your workflow and choose the name of your power dialer

To begin using the power dialer...

Select Conversations (on your left hand menu)

Select Manual Actions (near the top)

Where it says "Select Campaign/Workflow", choose your Power dialer that you just built and named

Hit "Let's Start"!!

If you prefer to follow along with a video, check out our instructional recording above.