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Feb 05,2022

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Outlook Integration - Syncing with SaaSFlow

How to configure my calendar to use Outlook Integration?

Navigate to Settings >> Profile >>  and you will find Calendar Configuration in Calendar configuration you have 2 segments.

  1. Primary Calendar: It reads all the calendar events from Google/Outlook and it writes all the appointments to Outlook/Google.
  2. Check for Conflicts: It only reads calendar events from Google/Outlook.

Primary Calendar Configuration :

Click on the edit button under Primary calendar and you can select your outlook account and you'll find all your outlook calendars in the dropdown and you can select one of the calendars to which you want to read and write.

heck for Conflicts Configuration:

Click on the edit button under Check for Conflicts and you'll find all your calendars inside your Outlook account. Proceed to select the calendar that you want to check for conflicts


Will outlook integration work in unassigned calendars?

No, it only works for team calendars.

Can I connect two different outlook accounts in one location to one user?

No, you can connect only one outlook account to one user in a location.

Can I use both google calendar and outlook calendar at the same time?

Yes, you can use both google and outlook at the same time. You can configure the primary calendar to Outlook and Check for Conflicts from Google, Outlook, and vice-versa.

Can I write appointments to both Google and Outlook at the same time for one single user in a location?

No, you can write appointments to only one calendar at a time