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Feb 05,2022

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Notify yourself for a hot leads

Let's imagine you're running an ad campaign on Facebook with a funnel. A lead fills out the form and survey on your funnel and they answer 'YES' to learning more about your services.

That's a hot lead!

Saasflow can instantly notify you when this happens so you can connect with the lead right away. You'll first need to create a hot transfer campaign and then create a trigger to activate it.

Step 1

Set up the Hot Transfer Feature Campaign

  • Go to Automations (left hand menu)
  • Go to Campaigns (near the top)
  • Create New Campaign
  • Add Event >> Call
  • Add a Call Whisper Message (i.e. {{}} just answered yes to learning more about life insurance. Press any button to connect with them!)
  • Edit your allocated times to receive these calls
  • Click Save

Step 2

Set up the Hot Transfer Feature Trigger

  • Go to Automations (left hand menu)
  • Go to Triggers (near the top)
  • Create New Trigger
  • Under "What should trigger this rule?", select what you action you want to trigger the hot transfer (i.e. lead filled out my life insurance quote form)
  • Under "What actions should we perform?", select "Add to Campaign" and choose the Hot transfer campaign you just created.
  • Switch Trigger from "Draft" to "Activate"

Check out the video below to see step by step instructions!