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Feb 05,2022

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Introduction to Contacts


Within this video you will find a brief tour of SaaSflow's Contacts page. Here are some highlights from what we went over.

How are Contacts Created?

  1. Imported using a CSV File
  2. Entered in by User
  3. Created by Form Submission
  4. Created by New Appointment

How can I list more contacts on one page?

To see move contacts listed on each page click on Page Size at the top right hand corner of your Contacts Screen. You have the option to switch between 20, 50, and 100 contacts per page.

Please Notice

Within the Contacts Tab of SaaSflow you also have a few helpful features.

  1. Contact Request - List all of your Bulk Actions preformed via the Icons within your main contact screen.
  2. Bulk Actions - Keeps track of your Contact imports. You can view upload errors, and revisit imported list.
  3. Restore - This feature restore deleted contacts.
  4. Manage Smart List - If you are asking "why can't my other users see the smart list I created?" It is most likely because you have not made your list Global. Please visit this option when you want to change the settings of, and share smart list globally.

Video Instructions

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