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Feb 05,2022

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How To Set Up A SaaSflow Chat Widget

Here is a video Link sample →

To add a chat bubble to your website/landing page, you'll want to use this code in your Footer or Body.

You'll need to replace the 'Location ID', with the location ID in the URL. (i.e. W8SFKDJCYwyQyC8jSVuZ)

Raw Code


           style="--chat-widget-primary-color: #188bf6; --chat-widget-active-color:#188bf6 ;--chat-widget-bubble-color: #188bf6"

           location-id="REPLACE LOCATION ID"




      <script src=""

         data-resources-url="" ></script>

Once the code has been added, don't forget to create a new trigger for the Text Widget Chat event.