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Feb 05,2022

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How to Import Contacts

Step One: Organize File

  • Make sure your file is saved as a CSV File.
  • Make sure there is no empty spaces within the first row.
  • Column Heading must start on Row 1
  • ? BE AWARE: If a contact does not have an email address of a phone number listed on the sheet it will not be imported into SaaSflow

Step Two: Add Custom Fields

  • If you have any Headings that are not native or already created within SaaSflow you will have to create a Custom Field so the contact's data is saved and labeled within Agent
  • Go to Settings > Custom Fields
  • Click the green "Add Custom Field" button at the top corner of you screen.
  • Choose what type of information will occupy the field by choosing Field Type

Upload List

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Choose the Import Contacts button (second to last in the list of icons)
  3. Select your list
  4. Map your fields
  5. (Suggested) - Name and tag you list