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Feb 05,2022

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How to connect to your Google My Business Location

Google My Business is one of the most reliable platforms for marketers to manage the online presence of their business niche. It is the authentic way to acquire the trust of your audience by sharing your details to create a personalised relationship with them. This way the ultimate goal is to drive the audience to your businesses.

How to connect your Google My Business profile

Step 1: Go to Social Planner > Setting

To get started, please go to Social Planner. In the top right corner of Social Planner, there is a Setting option (Gear icon). Please navigate to Settings by clicking it.

Step 2: Click on Connect a new Google My Business Location

The next step is to click on Connect a new Google My Business profile of the table as shown below to manage multiple GMB Locations.

Step 3: Give permissions by choosing the Gmail Account
If you're connecting any profile for the first time, they ask you to choose the Gmail account.

Step 4: Choose the GMB Locations for the Social Planner


1. If the GMB location is already added, it will show the message of the "location already added".

2. If the GMB account has more than 10 locations, it will show an error that "This location belongs to a chain. The Local Post API is disabled for this location".