Email and Text Message Marketing
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Feb 05,2022

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Email Marketing - using the Email Builder

New Email Flow

Emails have two menus with Email Campaigns and Templates. An email template is where you add the brand layout/design of the email and an “Email Campaign” is where you add a message and delivery options for sending to customers/ leads.


  1. Users can create templates via:
  • Template Library,
  • Create Templates by reusing the Campaigns which are sent or scheduled,
  • Blank Template (Either using Design Editor or Code Editor) Note - Design editor is drag and drop editor and Code editor is HTML Editor.

        2. Users can test the email template, preview and view the version history
        3. Users can create Folders for managing multiple templates.
      4. Users will be able to add preview text, subject, from email and from name from settings of template.


  1. Users can create a Campaign and choose the template they would like to use. There is a preview available too.
  2. Users can edit the look and feel and add the required blocks they need to send as a message to their customers.
  3. Click the Send and Schedule to select the audience of the campaign like an email address or smartlist, add sender details, and subject line, and set up the delivery method
    Send Now
    Batch Schedule
    RSS Schedule
  4. Users can test the email campaign, preview and view the version history
  5. Users can create Folders for managing multiple campaigns.
  6. Users can reschedule the email one hour before the scheduled campaign. They can edit the block elements and update the schedule delivery modes.[Note - This is applicable for Schedule, Batch Schedule, and RSS Schedule]
  7. Users will be able to update email content during the campaign is running for Schedule, RSS and Batch Schedule Delivery before our servers start preparing it for delivery on the scheduled time. [Note - There will be cases that it will get sent with the old copy sometime as we can't control the delivery sequence in servers.]
  8. Better Statistic Representation with numbers and percentages, preview, delivery data, and advanced analytics of who clicked, opened, bounced, spam, and more.