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Feb 05,2022

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Custom Values

Here is a quick video

Custom Values are a quick and easy way to input information on texts, emails, or a funnel.

Let's say you're running a funnel and it needs to have a date on it. Maybe you're planning to send out an email and a text and both of those messages also need to have the same date on them.

You can simply use a custom value, and it would save you time!

In the screenshot below, I made a custom value called, "Date" and I put the date inside the value field.

Now, SaaSFlow CRM has created a custom value for me. I can use this custom value on emails, texts, funnels, etc and the value I placed in it will appear for the customer!

To set up your first custom value:

  • Step 1: Click Settings
  • Step 2: Click Custom Values
  • Step 3: Name the Custom Value
  • Step 4: Type in the value
  • Step 4: Click Save