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Feb 05,2022

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Calls & Voicemail Drop Events

How to set up automated calls and voicemail drops within your campaigns and how they work

Workflow setup

Click on Automation on the left menu

Click on Create workflow

Click on Start from scratch… then Click on Create new workflow

After you configure the workflow trigger

Click on Add your first Action

Click on Assign to User if you want the calls to go to the assigned user's phone number configured.

Click on Call, then follow by a voicemail action

Note: The power dialer it does not know the time zone of the recipient

By default the call whisper is You have a new lead, John Smith, press any button to connect.

Note: if the contact has been assigned to a user, this event will call the user and play the whisper message. if the contact is unassigned, this even will call the number listed in Settings > Company Phone field and play the whisper message. if the person who answers the call presses any number key during the call, we will dial the contact and if they answer, we will bridge the call.

You can modify the Call whisper message here:

Voicemail detection

When the lead can't answer the call, you will hear this message: "couldn't connect with the lead" and the call ends so you can't leave a personalized voicemail.

To be able to leave a personalized voicemail with our Call event, go to the settings of the call step, you can turn on Disable Voicemail Detection.

Next Upload your Voicemail file here

If the voicemail file is not working,

1. go to or download Audacity and upload the voicemail file

2. Select 64kbps MP3, the lower the better make sure is WAV format

3. Upload back to Saasflow voicemail campaign/workflow