July 23, 2022

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How to use Saasflow to convert more leads

Marketing automation CRM plays a vital role in a business growth. Here's how you can use Saasflow, an automated marketing and sales tool, as part of your lead conversion strategy.

Lead conversion is a key component of any successful marketing campaign. In order to convert more leads, you need to have a process in place that will help you identify and target the right prospects. Saasflow can help you do just that. Saasflow is a CRM and marketing automation tool that helps you connect with potential existing customers and convert more leads into paying customers. With Saasflow, you can automate your marketing tasks so that you can focus on more important things, like growing your business. Marketing automation crm plays a vital role in a business growth.

You probably devote a large portion of your budget to promoting your SaaS company. You've invested considerable time, money, and effort in attracting potential qualified leads to pay attention to your product using everything from SEO to ad campaigns (and everything in between).

There are still phases in the entire sales funnel after a lead enters the building—they've found your website, social media page, or exhibitor booth—before they decide to become a paying customer. Find strategies to improve your lead funnel in order to get the most out of your marketing budget. Lead generation strategies are equally crucial to marketing campaigns: Making tiny changes today can have a big impact later.

What is Saasflow and how does it work

Saasflow is a marketing automation tool that helps you connect with potential customers and convert more leads into paying customers. You can automate your marketing duties with Saasflow so you can concentrate on other crucial responsibilities, like expanding your business.

One of the main benefits of using Saasflow is that it allows you to target the right prospects. With Saasflow's lead conversion tools and CRM automation tools, you can connect with potential customers and convert more leads into paying more customers.

You may automate your marketing tasks with Saasflow. This implies that you can concentrate on more crucial issues. Automating your marketing tasks with Saasflow will help you save time and money. Marketing automation is a system used to streamline, analyze and automate key marketing tasks and workflows, including segmentation, lead generation, capture and nurturing, relationship marketing, customer retention, and account-based marketing.

There are a few key features that you can follow to start using Saasflow to convert more leads:

  • Connect Saasflow to your website or blog. This will allow Saasflow to track your visitors and their behavior and intern improve customer service.
  • Use Saasflow's lead conversion tools to identify potential customers within the best marketing automation software
  • Connect with potential customers using Saasflow's marketing automation tools and customer relationship management.
  • Convert more leads into paying customers with Saasflow's lead conversion tools and CRM marketing automation.
  • Use Saasflow's lead capture forms to collect information about your prospects.
  • Use Saasflow's marketing automation features to nurture your leads and keep them engaged with your brand.

Why a Lead Conversion Strategy is Necessary for marketing automation platforms

Even though many SaaS businesses provide the very software that facilitates marketing and/or sales automation, not all of them have a well-oiled marketing and sales process. To start the sales or lead nurturing process, a lead's information must be collected with the help of customer relationship management software, which is a critical junction where marketing and sales meetings.

Unbeknownst to you, there may be 10, 20, or even 50% more people who are interested in your product than you think since they leave before you can get in touch with them. Therefore, it's important to take advantage of every chance by employing every strategy at your disposal to quickly collect a lead's information and send more prospects to your sales team for conversion.

In order to maximize the return on your marketing processes and investment, here are simple and low-cost lead conversion tactics.

Lead Conversion Tactics for SaaS

Add a chatbot or a live chat to your website

Visitors to your website have the option to ask their most important questions right away using live chat and chatbots (or Facebook page). They can interact directly with a widget on your website rather than browsing sites in search of solutions, letting you know right away what they're seeking for and feeling like their issues are handled at the same time.

The trick is that you may select to record someone's name, email address, or even phone number before the chat conversation ever starts. In this method, even if the lead gets sidetracked or leaves your website, you still have their contact information. In either case, more leads will be generated than would have been possible with phone conversations and contact forms, and we know that some of these leads will eventually convert to customers.

Chat has a secret benefit: You can get right to the point. A chat session can assist in weeding out prospects that are "window shopping," have no real need for what your program currently offers, aren't interested at all, or are spammers. In this manner, pre-screened opportunities are presented to your sales staff, giving them more time to devote to converting high-quality leads. Chatbots can provide automated coverage that is less individualized but still superior to no coverage at all.

Add lead magnets to priceless content

It all comes down to an effective and targeted content strategy in digital marketing: You are producing inbound marketing content, such as blog articles, videos, webinars, and other marketing assets, to increase brand recognition and generate and nurture leads. However, very worthwhile content, such as eBooks or white papers, may be concealed behind a form that requests contact details in order to access it. That basically functions as a lead magnet.

Lead magnet methods support your marketing campaigns by converting readers into leads that you can measure, nurture, and contact. In contrast to the industry average of roughly 2 percent, a marketing campaign that includes a lead magnet is likely to convert leads at a rate of 30 to 40 percent. And that is logical. You have a fantastic lead capture and lead qualifying tool at your disposal if everyone who is really interested in your content is prepared to exchange contact information for it.

Create relevant content that is more appropriate for lead magnets by working with your marketing team or agency. Typically, this is something that solves a pressing problem for your capture leads in a very appealing and focused manner. It's not necessary for this to be a book or a white paper. Check out this collection of unconventional lead magnet content ideas.

Another choice is to bury your most well-liked posts and other material behind a lead magnet form. You may always remove the form and you'll be right back where you were if your conversion rates don't go up and your traffic drops significantly after you try it out. The best-case scenario, though, is that your conversion rates will rise sharply.

24/7 Answer to Calls

Even though more and more prospects are now calling, texting, or using chat on your website, many customers are still choosing to call your company. And your best leads are probably those who are prepared to put up the effort to speak with a live person on the phone.

If your SaaS business employs a cold calling approach, you are aware of the significance of having leads available. In light of this, it's crucial that you obtain the leads that contact you! Not only during normal business hours or while your receptionist is on duty, but always.

There are a few practical techniques to enhance the caller's experience and direct them to a sales representative as soon as possible.

  • Ensure that anyone calling your number speaks to a live person and not an automated menu with a bewildering array of options.
  • Determine the number of calls you receive each day and make sure you have adequate staff on hand to answer every call and prevent voicemail. Set up your system to pass overflow calls to another member of your team if your receptionist frequently receives calls while they are currently on the phone.
  • Find a remedy for your reception's understaffing during off-hours or times when it is necessary, such as at lunch. Like an internal receptionist, a 24/7 call answering service can provide after-hours or overflow coverage and qualify leads, set up appointments, and transfer calls.
  • A person who answers the phone, whether internally or externally, should be prepared with the answers to the questions leads frequently ask so they can provide the value the caller is seeking.
  • If you want to schedule a sales to call with a lead or log the contact for nurture campaigns, make sure your workflow is set up so that leads can be moved to the next stage of the funnel on this initial call.

Your sales staff can set up an appointment system for after-hours leads so that everyone who calls after hours or on the weekend knows exactly when you'll call them the next weekday.

Callers ultimately translate to income, therefore it's critical to treat them accordingly. You will actually be able to generate more signups and income from the money you are already spending on marketing if you answer every call to your company and record the contact information to follow up on those leads.

Ask your affiliates to set up clients for you by signing them up

Since most SaaS businesses do, it is likely that your small businesses already have a functioning affiliate program. Affiliates are a fantastic way to get fresh leads without necessarily spending more on marketing.

You gain from the knowledge and community of an outside source whether you deal with resellers or agencies that refer or resell your goods or devoted customers who receive a discount on your software when they recommend it to their friends and family. Therefore, it's crucial to give them as much support as you can.

When a new client is sent your way, a lot might be lost in translation. Talking to a new person or repeating yourself could make the sale unpleasant because the new lead and the affiliate already have a relationship. You want all loyal customers to be eager to sign up!

There are two straightforward ways to make this translation more fluid.

  • Provide a direct contact with your sales staff for each of your affiliates. They can establish a rapport this way and send you an email with a kind introduction to your business. Every engagement with the affiliate will increase their level of trust.
  • Give your affiliates the ability to formally sign up a new customer. Allowing your affiliate to function as a sales member relieves you of the actual burden of closing the transaction and closing deals, whether they just need their own signup form or can complete the entire process on behalf of the new client. It's important to keep in mind that in addition to ensuring that this is technically possible, you might also need to provide your affiliates with sales enablement resources and training on how to use your product.

Look at your affiliate program to discover where you can generate more conversions from the same marketing you're already doing because a strong affiliate is truly a member of your team.

The Benefits of Instant Demos for SaaS Companies

An immediate demo is another technique to improve lead management and conversion rates. Not only will you be able to better clear up any misunderstandings for the potential consumer, but you can also chat and respond to inquiries, showcasing excellent customer assistance. More leads would be generated by you if you provided superior customer service.

You don't need a complicated setup to create an instant demo; all you need to do is share your desktop or mobile screen with your lead scoring. Here's an example of how this is typically done:

  • Create an account with screen-sharing software first.
  • Fill out the information for the live representative who will respond to requests for demo calls.
  • After that, add demo videos to the program.
  • Your representative will be prompted to take the call when the customer clicks on the demo.

‍How Do SaaS Companies Draw Customers with marketing automation tools?

A new SaaS business must identify, entice, and persuade new customers to test its product to succeed. Furthermore, it must act quickly. A survey claims that in order to succeed, SaaS businesses must-see annual growth rates of more than 20%.

When you consider how much SaaS marketing differs from other businesses, that rate of development is not a simple endeavor.

In SaaS, you can advertise a product without getting anything in return. They are not physically accessible to your loyal customers. Your marketing efforts must therefore persuade consumers that your product is effective and capable of resolving their issues.

Users quickly determine whether to test out a SaaS solution. They frequently perform a brief online search, evaluate a few options, and choose. The entire process shouldn't take longer than a few hours. With our built-in pipeline management feature, you can keep track of where the leads are and what stage they are in the sales funnel which will help your marketing team.

Therefore, each stage of the buyer's journey must be targeted by your marketing, which must also provide pertinent information that can persuade a potential customer to try your product.

But so many customers make little effort to learn about the new technology. A lot of new users sign in to an app just once and never use it again. Before switching to another solution, the majority fails to recognize the app's full potential.

Your marketing initiatives must also assist clients in understanding your activation point, or the real benefit your product offers.

Additionally, you depend on various sales models. A self-serve SaaS product, or one that clients sign up for on their own, can be purchased at almost any time.

In a drive sales method, the customer completes the majority of the steps by themselves. But in the last phase, they frequently work with a sales staff that offers guidance and makes the finest plan recommendations. Naturally, this process can take longer and need more resources.

Overall, though, SaaS businesses often have the following goals for their marketing strategies:

Attract the appropriate audience

A SaaS company needs to engage with potential customers and direct them to their website in order to begin growing. Marketing and sales efforts both are needed in an effective way to attract prospective customers.

These, however, shouldn't be any guests. rather, those who already have the particular issue that your product is meant to address.

Therefore, the first goal is to comprehend the problem you're addressing for your users. After that, come up with a plan to persuade them to learn more about the product.

Develop a relationship with leads using marketing automation platforms

Lead nurturing is the responsibility of marketers. A new SaaS company should establish itself as an expert and persuade leads to test their solution by using a combination of content, email marketing platform, email automation, and other channels. It allows someone with little design experience to quickly build landing pages, pop-ups, email campaigns, and many other lead capture tools.

Remove obstacles to enrollment

In SaaS, marketers frequently focus their conversion optimization efforts on a variety of website objectives, such as trial signup, user onboarding, and turning free users into paying customers.

Engaging users with marketing automation

Users typically sign up for a trial, free, or demo version of SaaS products first. Making sure they become paying clients is frequently the responsibility of the marketer.

To help a person reach the activation point, where they recognize the true value of the product, marketers typically optimize the free or trial plan.

Boost the lifetime value of each client

It's critical that a person continues to use a SaaS product for as long as feasible because most SaaS providers charge clients using a subscription-based business model.

By decreasing churn and directing consumers toward more expensive plans, SaaS marketing CRM tactics frequently try to increase customer lifetime value. When marketing automation and CRM software work together, they provide a seamless journey for your customers as they go from visitor to customer.


SaaS provides fantastic business opportunities. The use of the software as a service concept is expanding quickly. Due to the intense competition and great demand, creators must comprehend the complex market dynamics and endeavor to differentiate themselves by offering users exceptional solutions and tremendous value. Keep these objectives at the forefront of your offering as you learn more about SaaS and break into this multi-billion dollar market. Marketing automation systems can also be used while creating lead generation.